Crisis Simulations International Senior Leader Crisis Education


To create a successful and educational simulation, CSI brings together a wide-ranging set of people and capabilities:

Professional experience

Our principals' experience ranges from port security and operations to corporate senior-management roles in global pharmaceuticals, from front-line positions in courtrooms to Dean of the National War College.

Click here for a partial list of professionals and academics in CSI’s experts network.

Proprietary, patent-pending technology

Our DXMATM simulation technology is the culmination of decades of research in and development of simulators for the public and private sectors. DXMATM effectively and economically models the way in which different roles in a system, [police departments, healthcare providers, city officials, emergency workers, etc.] interact with each. DXMATM also models the way various departments within an organization and worldwide branch offices interact with and are impacted by decisions made in one location. Click here for more information on the DXMATM simulator.

Simulation experience

CSI's real-time, multimedia scenarios make the abstract seem real, creating a decision-making environment similar to a real crisis. CSI's programs focus on decision-making skills: operating under pressure, making decisions effectively, quickly evaluating new information, interacting with other participants, making good use of staff and resources, and recognizing potential opportunities and pitfalls.