Crisis Simulations International Senior Leader Crisis Education


Carol Potter is Senior Advisor, Product Marketing for Crisis Simulations.

Carol has more than15 years of experience in international product marketing in the enterprise software and telecommunications industries. In the mid-1990s, she headed marketing for Scala Eastern & Central Europe, an enterprise-wide accounting software company based in Budapest, Hungary. From 1998-2002, she worked for British Telecom North America and its joint venture with AT&T, Concert, as Marketing Director, IP Applications; in this role, she helped launch third-party and in-house IP solutions, such as Commerce One, eFusion and Navisite, to global Fortune 500 accounts in the US and EMEA.

She most recently worked for emergency-notification provider SWN Communications as Director, Product Marketing. In this role she oversaw and directed all marketing programs and activities. As part of an overall unified messaging/unified communications strategy, she introduced communications-enabled business process [CEBP] opportunities by identifying business processes and activities to integrate with notification services.

Carol graduated from James Madison College at Michigan State University with a BA in International Relations and Spanish and an MBA from New York University.